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Commercial Water Meters

Why would commercial water meters be necessary?

The water company generally installs one meter per property. In properties with residential units, the owner is generally responsible for all water charges, and adjusts the rents to cover this expense. It's assumed that usage doesn't differ all that much from unit to unit. Not ideal, but it works.
In properties with commercial tenants, there can be a great disparity in usage. A florist or wholesale bakery typically use great quantities of water, while a dress shop can get by with just a couple of gallons a day. Without a precise way to measure usage, you're going to have to resort to guesswork, which probably won't earn you many popularity points amongst your tenants.

What exactly is commercial water metering?

Commercial metering is a network of sub-meters that measures each tenant's individual usage. We install the meters for you, and we then generate the individual bills for each tenant, and send you a report of the accurate readings.

Can you do this retroactively?

Once we install the commercial meters, we can also generate retroactive bills for each tenant. We use their current usage as a baseline, and investigate other factors to reach the closest possible estimate.

After 40 years, no more free water for tenants
  • "The new management of a tenement housing project on the Lower East Side realized that the dozens of retail stores located in the complex had never been charged a dime for their water. Although these commercial tenants had signed leases agreeing to pay the water costs, there was no system in place to record usage and bill the tenants.
    The Water Group installed an extensive network of sub-meters and now bills the tenants for water on behalf of management."

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