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What the numbers don't say

True, the bills tell a story, but they don't tell the whole story.
Looking at your property's water records on the city's database, we may discover irregularities. However, we won't advise you to make any changes on that basis alone. To give you an honest assessment, we'll go down to your property and inspect the meters and water and sewer lines. If necessary, we'll consult with plumbers and contractors and then repair or resolve the issues.

No Dr. Internet diagnosis!
    An owner of many large residential buildings called and was pretty upfront about the reason:
  • "I just got a call from another water management company," he explained. "And they said they can see on the city's database that one property's water usage has decreased, and it would be a good idea to get off the level billing plan and pay only for what we're actually using. Since I've been using The Water Group for years, I figured I'd call you and see what you recommend before going with them."
    Rita at The Water Group describes her subsequent investigation:
  • "I looked into it and realized that it made no sense. It wasn't possible that the usage had decreased to the amount recorded on the database. We immediately suspected a physical problem and so we dispatched a technician to the field. Sure enough, the meter had slowed and wasn't recording the actual flow!
    While that seems great for the owner, in reality it was only a matter of time before the meter broke completely and the new meter recorded usage accurately. Had he switched from level billing, he would have had to stay off the program for two years, paying $50,000 more annually."

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